Collaboration (TFP)


  • TFP is a term that many photographers use to describe an agreement between a model and a photographer. Usually an agreement is made between the model and the photographer before the photo shoot. The TFP is a collaboration and not a free work.


- Age : minimum 18 years old


- Time For a Shoot  :  outside : 3h

inside : 4h/5h (with some break)


- Pictures : you will receive 15 pictures treated

The model and myself are allowed to use the photos on social media, websites. The model must not modify the photos in any way (filters, cropping, changing colors, removing watermark) without my prior consent.


- Pictures are not authorized to use for

commercial purposes without an agreement

of the photographer.

The intellectual property and copyright of the photos and video belong to the photographer. The TFP agreement does not confer copyright ownership to the model.



If the model requests to remove the photos from social media or this website, I will remove them upon request.

However, in this case, a refund of 500€ will be requested for the expenses incurred for the TFP shooting. This amount covers the expenses I incurred for the location rental, travel expenses and my work. I will withdraw the photos once payment has been received.

I can in no way be held responsible for photos published on media other than my personal sites, including my website and personal social media channels.


Before any shooting an agreement will be asked from the model to haven taken knowledge of the terms and conditions.

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Thanks for your comprehension. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.